Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reasons I am Getting Old, And the Ways It's Being Pointed Out To Me.

1.  I have a real job, with a real career track.
2.  The "buddy" assigned to help me learn my way around the office graduated college well after I did.
3.  I am officially in the "people with young kids" group at said new job.  While some groups talk about travel and bars and the softball league and how wasted they're getting this weekend, we talk about....Legos.  And how much we miss sleep.
4.  The other day, teenagers were blocking the road where I was driving and I snapped "What, you're too cool to get out of the street, like you're too cool TO WEAR A JACKET WHEN IT'S FORTY DEGREES OUT???"
5.  We have date night.
6.  Chances are 50/50 we'll fall asleep before the naked part of "date night".
7.  I said having two glasses of wine was "probably too much".  To someone who knew me when I was 23, and two glasses of wine was "breakfast".

Yeah, it's catching up with me.  Not necessarily a bad thing-my thirties have already beat my twenties all to hell, and I'm only two years in.  Getting a healthier start, working out, have a running buddy, doing yoga.  But, as always, I got sick my first week of my new job.  At least we've got the four day weekend for me to get over the cold-oh, and also to learn everything there is to know about auditing.

I guess number 8 would be that I'm going to be spending a four day weekend reading about auditing and wiping boogers off of myself and a 19 month old who acts like me wiping said boogers off his face is as painful as removing his skin.

At least I won't have a hangover.