Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm a runner.

Just some random thoughts going through my head right now.  This should have been such a happy day for so many people who worked so hard.  And here we are.  And here's what I think right now.

I am a runner.

Not a good one.  Not a fast one, but I have been one all my life, since my mom started us out at age 4 or so, demanding that we run a mile for every half hour of TV we wanted to watch, or video games we wanted to play.  Running holds a huge part of my memory and identity.  It's a bond I have with my family.  It's where I met my first real friends, many of whom I still talk to today.  My first boyfriend was on my cross country team.  When I was lost and felt invisible in high school, I was a runner.  I had that.  I've had that when I haven't had much else.

There have been times when I've trained harder than others, been more consistent, more in shape.  But the thought is never far from me, "You really need to go running."  It's my meditation.  It's rooted to my soul.

I was just at a race, the Monument Avenue 10k.  There were tons of people and lots of inconveniences, but nobody was mad or complaining.  Everyone was happy.  The crowds were filled with laughter and cheering, and even though I was running by myself, I didn't feel alone.

I know those runners felt the same way.  And I am so sorry that their day came down to this-some sick, sad individual trying to make a point, some group lashing out-no one knows right now.  I'm sure it will come to light soon.  A moment that should have been filled with so much joy and relief, detonated and destroyed.

But bad news for the person or people who did this, or people who think about doing it in the future.

We're going to keep running.