Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm thirty one today.  So far, the birthday has not gotten off to a banging start.

Tuesday I kept Henry home-he was coughing a bit and had a really bad night's sleep, and I just knew something wasn't right.  I get one day off a week anyway, and my job is awesomely flexible about it.  Wednesday he seemed back to his normal self-while I was getting ready for work, he was laying in bed with his dad, jabbering back and forth with him and laughing.

It's important to note that Ben and I have been under a lot of stress.  My grandfather was recently put into a home, and I'm trying to help my parents sort out all the details, and he's had some sick family members.  So with that, two jobs, exams coming up for me, and the kiddo, tension was running a bit high.

Fast forward to about noon on Wednesday.  Ben's out of town visiting said relative in hospital.  I get a call at work, and see on the ID that it's Henry's day care.  I pick up the phone and all I hear is screaming.  Judy, the assistant director, tells me Henry's not feeling so good, he hasn't eaten (which is a big red flag-Henry NEVER refuses food) and he's been screaming for an hour.  He's in the office.  Yes, my six-month old son got sent to the office and kicked out of the baby room.  So I dash out of work and get there as soon as I can.  Even though you know it's probably nothing major, when someone calls you and tells you your kid is sick, there's always that little voice that's saying "Maybe it's something serious...." and freaking you the hell out.

So I get there, and he's calmed down a bit.  Walk-ins at his doctor didn't start for an hour, so we went home.  I tried to give him a bottle, and to my surprise, he took it.  I thought "Well, maybe there's nothing wrong with him!"  But immediately after powering it down, he pukes.  All over me, down the front of my shirt, and all over him.

Great.  So I get us both changed and check my email, only to realize I have seriously screwed something up at work, which I HATE doing.  So I'm at the computer and on the phone trying to fix it and panicking.  Henry's on my lap fussing.  As I hit "send" on an email, Henry manages to grab a cold cup of coffee off of the desk, and dump it all over both of us.  Keep in mind we had BOTH just changed clothes.

I looked at him.  He smiled.  I shut down my email.  I very calmly set him down on the floor.  Then I sat beside him.  We are both covered in coffee.  I then burst into tears.  I mean, the hysterical, sobbing, hiccuping kind of tears.   He laughed.  Some days everything goes wrong and it's that one little thing that just makes you snap.  So I had myself a little breakdown.

Then I got up, got myself together, and took him to the doctor.  Ear infection, possible stomach bug.  The doctor learned how grabby he is when he got both ends of her stethoscope and nearly choked her out with it.  (He's developed a similar interest in my hair, necklaces, and glasses).

So today I'm home again, not getting paid, folding laundry and cleaning while he takes a much-needed nap.  I mentioned on facebook that this time last year, I was three months pregnant, and my cousin Jen pointed out that at least this year I could drink.

Wonder if anyone will judge me if I start before noon.....

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  1. Honey we can deliver beer this afternoon if you need it.