Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gimme some money, and I'll dress like a Viking.

So the time of year has come for me to engage in some fundraising.  Back when I was an impressionable college student, I met an awesome girl named Skate, and her equally awesome boyfriend Rob.  I met them through a guy I was dating, and even when that hit the bricks (for about the eleventh time) they stayed friends with me.  They took me to my first Foxfield event, took me out for my 21st birthday, and took me in when my engagement hit the rocks a few years later.  (Their spare bedroom has been occupied by more than one jilted fiance, thus earning it the title "The Non-Honeymoon Suite".

They're just all-around great people, and very, very fun.  Some of my favorite Skatisms involve:

Her breaking a table at my 2001 New Year's Eve party.  I'm not even sure how that came about, but it involved some dance moves, and from what I understand, was intentional.

Her meeting some guys from New Jersey outside of a bar and insisting that they come hang out at her house because her then-boyfriend, now-husband Rob was also from New Jersey.  (He did not go along with this plan, surprisingly).

Her falling down at my bachelorette party, but to be fair, we all did at one point or another.

I'm sure I'll remember more.

Skate also has MS.  And every year, for all she's done for me, I repay her a little bit by raising money for the Charlottesville MS Walk.  I also offer up some motivation by thinking of ways to embarrass myself to get people to donate more money.  Last year I promised to do the walk dressed as a bee if I got to the $1000 mark.  I did, and I did do the walk in my bee suit-seven months pregnant, at that.

This year, if we get to $15,000, all the walkers will be dressing as vikings, and Henry's going as a dragon.  So do some good, and I'll post pictures if we meet our goal.

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