Friday, March 25, 2011

Crawling, Wrecking Shit, and Caffeine.

Yeah, I really can't keep apologizing for slacking on the posting....sorry, it just happens.  Honestly, lately's been a pretty down time in our household.  Ben's dad passed this time of year, just two years ago, so he's been feeling pretty bad.  Add that to all the wonderful news in the world these days, and it's enough to make us not want to get out of bed.  But that's no way to live life, and now we've got a kid to set a good example for.  I've been known to get into funks and pretty much make it to work and home, and remain incommunicado for a while til I shake myself out of it.  Not really an option anymore.  It's a good thing, how depressed can you really get when you get up in the morning, look in the crib, and your adorable kid is totally delighted to see you, and you don't find out for a few minutes that his look of joy may have been the result of unleashing a mountain of crap, and not necessarily seeing your face?

Whatever, I'll take my smiles where I can get them.

It's something I think about, though-how he's going to see me and how that's going to form the kind of person he turns into.  There were times when I wondered about my parents and the choices they made, but whatever happened, they always just pushed forward.  Wallowing's not really allowed in my house.  And I want Henry to see the same thing, because there's going to be plenty of times in his life when I'm sure he's going to want to say "Fuck it." and not go to work or deal with anything.  Sometimes it's easier to drink a few beers and watch Ghost Hunters marathons.  I maintain that, much like most other things, this sort of behavior is acceptable in moderation.  Very careful moderation.

Update on the Lent progress-have remained alcohol free fairly easily.  When a kid's going to wake you up at six without giving the slightest bit of consideration to when YOU went to bed, it's best to turn in early and forgo your ingrained nighttime traditions (Kids are such selfish jerks!)

The coffee ban met with massive fail, very early on.  I tried, I really did.  But after a two-week long headache and seriously contemplating chucking office supplies at undergrad dental students, I decided it was in everyone's best interest for me to have my morning cup.  Down to one, and no soda or anything like that.  Watching the diet, and got my bloodwork today-hopefully my cholesterol will come back as "on the high side of normal" and not "your heart is going to explode" this year.

And in the last bit of recent news, the 10k I signed up for is in a week!  Snuck up on me.  I think I'll finish, which is my only real goal at this point.  I don't even think you can call my long run pace running, or jogging.  More like slogging.  But hey, my pants are getting looser.  So win.

Henry's going crazy with the crawling.  We did not realize how woefully unprepared we were to have a mobile child.  What is it that makes a kid ignore his toys and head immediately towards anything that has the potential to hurt them?  If anyone wanted to make a serious argument against evolution (and here in Virginia, there's plenty of people who do) that might be a good place to start.  Self-preservation is definitely a skill learned later in life.  Or in Ben's case, never.  If you could see his ER visit history, you'd know why I worry about that gene being passed on to our kid.  God help us when he starts walking.

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