Monday, July 15, 2013

Day Three

So yeah, I skipped Sunday.  Mainly because it's my recovery day running-wise, so I didn't have too much fun to write about, except being so sore I thought my quads might just fall off.  I wrote my biomedical engineering brother to ask him why Percocet wasn't over the counter, and he advised me to take tylenol or ibuprofen.  I assured him that tylenol and ibuprofen are for pussies.  Seriously, I ran ten miles, not bumped my knee on an end table.

Yesterday I also ended up at our Urgent Care to get something for my stomach-I have a history of ulcers, and my current situation being a bit stressful led to them acting up a bit.  On the plus side, that led to me losing 8 pounds in one week, which, while I"m advised is not healthy, does get me closer to my goal weight.  So, you know, silver lining.

Today I had big plans to get up early, knock out a four miler, and then hit they gym for some upper body toning.  I like being strong, and I also like my upper arms not looking like honey baked hams.  Unfortunately the doctor who gave me my stomach meds took one look at me and realized I hadn't slept in a month, so he prescribed me something for that.  I slept clean through my alarm, which is weird because normally I'm the lightest sleeper ever- an ant farts and I'm up for the night.  I'm lucky I woke up at 6, in time to get ready for work and get the kiddo to school.  Off to work, and then to my acupuncturist.

Go ahead and laugh, plenty of people do, but that lady does wonders for me.  And she didn't even stick needles in me this time!   She's like a shrink who can help me biologically-although she did say one of the supplements I react well to is earthworm.  She said it wasn't the grossest thing they use in Chinese medicine, so naturally I asked what the grossest thing was.  A

Apparently some Chinese doctors use flying squirrel poop.  I see so many things wrong with this . How do you know the poop you find is from flying squirrels?   How do you get it in the first place?  What, exactly, is medicinal about it?

But I just took earthworm, so maybe I won't talk.

After I got home I had a relaxing half hour run with Henry in the stroller, as he shrieked "FASTER" and I calmly explained to him 47 times that Mommy was going to have to train a lot harder to get faster.  At this point I rank somewhere between tree sloth and dead tree sloth, speed wise.

Hey, I"m getting out there, and that's important.  Tomorrow, the alarm volume goes up and I get this mess over with in the morning so I can spend my evenings drinking and looking at porn.

Just seeing if you're still paying attention.  OR AM I?

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