Saturday, November 6, 2010

Didn't even have to use my AK

Today was a good day.  Didn't sleep much with Henry, but wasn't expecting it after a day of shots (vaccination shots, not me drinking liquor shots, I would have gotten PLENTY of sleep then).  Got up, got a haircut, which is something I really hate to do-anything that requires that I sit still while someone I don't really know messes with part of me just drives me nuts.  But it is kind of important that I look professional at work, so the hair's got to stay slightly under control.  Even left it longer because, as Ben helpfully pointed out, "Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you need to cut your hair off and look like a lesbian."   I rolled my eyes when he said that but have to admit that short hair makes me look like I teach gym for a living.

Then went by Kids Grow, a great second-hand store near my house.  I was looking for a jumper.  They've got one at Henry's day care, and he loves the thing.  So much so that he tries to bounce in things that are not bounceable, like other toys and on my lap.  Since I don't want to have to explain all the bruises on my upper thighs to my gynecologist at my next exam, off to the store I went.  Found one for $25, and you have never seen such a happy kid.  I told Ben it cost $20 (I just wasn't paying that close attention to the cost) and he found the receipt and pointed out that it was $25.  I told him if I'd known how much Henry would like it, I'd have happily given then a kidney for it.  He agreed.  We don't argue about money too much, I guess that's kind of the silver lining to not having any.

Then I headed out for a run, and it's just a perfect fall day, and I felt pretty good.  I was crunching through the leaves and thinking of my happy baby and husband back home, and feeling really lucky.  Of course, the odds were good that I wasn't going to come home to a happy baby and husband, but rather a screaming kid who had somehow managed to shit out the neckhole of his shirt and a husband who looked like he'd just made it on the last chopper out of Saigon (I've seen some things, man) but I like to be optimistic.

And I did come home to a happily bouncing baby, watching his dad play guitar.  I know Jumparoos sell for a lot new, but I highly recommend stalking your local second-hand stores for one.  That thing is worth its weight in gold.  The exersaucer is great, but after about ten minutes he's had enough and starts yelling at the stuffed sun rattle on there.  I'm worried if we let him take out his anger on the sun too much, he's going to turn out goth, and there's some things I just can't handle in a teenager.

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