Monday, November 15, 2010


About to face plant onto the desk while I'm typing, because while my friends with babies are starting to get a full night's sleep, my little guy is teething and has a fever and is generally miserable.  He was up every hour and half last night, and we seriously began to inspect him for signs of vampirism.  As the evening wore on I progressed from feeding and cuddling him, to walking him around the house, to singing to him, to promising him a car, my PIN number, power of attorney, and directions to Vegas if he'd just let me sleep a few consecutive hours.

No dice.  But I know he was at least as unhappy as me, he was just whiny and fidgety, and that's not like him.  Henry generally has two moods-really happy, or really, really pissed, and he snaps between the two with little to no warning.  Ben and I couldn't keep him happy this morning while we were trying to get ready, and he wanted no part of his car seat.

Of course, since he likes to make me look bad and get attention, as soon as we walked into day care he was all smiles.  I was telling his teacher that he was crabby, and he just looked at me and laughed.  Some days it's really hard to leave him at day care-other days it is not.

I'm lucky in that department, though, because he's at a great place, and they all really seem to adore him.  It's like he's a rock star when we walk down the hall there-teachers come out of all the classrooms to say hi to him, and tell me "Oh, I can't wait til he's in MY class!" and he just grins and bats his eyes and is adorable.  Never mind that ten minutes before that he was grabbing the rail of his changing table, screaming, and shaking it so hard the whole thing was moving.  When Henry's in public, he's going to put on a show.  He gets that from his dad.

But he's home now, and after about an hour of mood swinging and alternately yelling at and attempting to eat his stuffed sheep, he's crashed out.  It's only six thirty, but I'm tempted to join him.  Chances are we'll be up at three.  And suffice to say, I've lost my twentysomething years' ability to function on four hours of sleep.  To be honest, I wasn't a charmer when I tried to do it then.


  1. I am trying to do the same. C's not teething yet,thank god, though he's happy to chew on anything. I just tried for 10 minutes to get him to play with a toy I know he loves so I could, you know, read your blog and watch TV (haha). No dice. But how is he calm now? Nomming his entire fist. Whatever dude.
    Anyway, he's totally trying to sleep through the night. About twice a week he'll do it. But he can't seem to get himself into the new pattern. One night it's up at 1 and 3, the next not til 4 or 5. So his daytime routine is off too, as is mine. I'm trying to guide him onto some semblance of a semi-regular routine, but until he can work out the night thing, I don't see how. With no real routine, sometimes his put-down feeding is 7:30 but 10 other days. I really need to go bed as soon as he does, but at 8? Can't seem to turn my brain off that early. James says I should drink.
    Oh, now he's making himself choke on said hand. Maybe he is bulimic! HUGS lady!! It'll get better!

  2. Sounds like Corin and Henry are on the same page....I seriously almost fell asleep in my car the other day.