Saturday, May 21, 2011

Crying it Out: Part Deux

We're getting over another double ear infection and cold over here, and I'm faced with another round of breaking bad sleep habits.  Henry had a fever and was just in general feeling pretty crappy, last week I don't think he slept for two hours straight at any point.  Of course, this led to massive exhaustion on my part.  When a coworker talks to you for five minutes and then says "What do you think?"  and after a brief pause, you respond "Um....what?"  it may be time to get some rest.

But of course, now Henry is in the habit of me coming to get him every time he cries, whether it's to administer ibuprofen, change him, feed him, whatever.  He seems to feel fine, so I know we're just going to have to tough it out for another few days and let him work it out.  Today I laid him down for his nap, and he started wailing.  I went to take a bath, and to shave various areas of myself.  Don't want to get too detailed about my personal hygiene, but I think I was in danger of being mistaken for a Sasquatch, shot, stuffed, and placed in the Natural History Museum.

He wailed the entire time.  And he's really worked on his lung capacity-just when you think they can't get any louder, they do.  Finally settled down and, aside from some sniffling, seems to be down for the count now.

In other news, it's wedding season and I'm dress shopping, and I have to say, what the fuck is wrong with people who design clothes?  I just want a normal dress.  A NORMAL DRESS.  The few I've found online are sold out, and everything else looks like a freaking peacock mated with an army tent.  I don't really get empire waist if you're not pregnant.  Because quite frankly, they make you look pregnant even if you're super slim.   And given the slight (maybe not slight) muffin top I'm still rocking, the last thing I need is something to make that area look bigger.  But damn near everything is empire waist-or so short that I may as well just rock a shirt and no pants and call myself fashionable.  (Nobody wants to see that).

Oh well.  I may have to suck it up and actually head out to a store to look for something.  I hate shopping, but here we are.  Online can only get you so far.  At least I can give Henry a chance to test out the screaming on his dad for an afternoon.  Pretty sure he gets that from his side of the family anyway.

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