Monday, May 23, 2011


We've reached an interesting milestone with our little angel-the one where his day care teachers point out that "his favorite thing is grabbing toys from other kids" and ask me if he's throwing tantrums at home.  Um....yes.  The toy grabbing is bothering me.  I mean, from what I read, and from what they tell me at day care, there's really not a whole lot you can do at this age, because they don't understand sharing.  So we do what day care does-when he grabs something, we take it from him, tell him no, give it back to the kid he grabbed it from, and try to distract him with something else.

This cycle repeats until the kid who had the toy in the first place gets tired of it and abandons the damn thing, at which point, Henry decides he doesn't want it, either.

So we're doing what we can, but nobody wants to have the kid that grabs toys.  At least he's not biting.  Feel free to give advice in the comments section, because I'm really at a loss here.  Or at least assure me that by the time he goes to kindergarten, he will understand what we're trying to say to him.  As Ben put it, "You can't really teach a kid when he doesn't understand the words coming out of your mouth."  But you also don't want the jerk kid that all the other parents talk about who progresses to clocking kids with toys and, I don't know, pushing them into mud puddles.

We've also told the teachers to feel free to put him in a crib or off somewhere during the tantrums to let him thrash it out.  I've assured them that he doesn't get everything he wants at home, and we certainly aren't the kind of parents who let a kid show their ass and act up and just say "OH, isn't that DARLING, he's asserting his independence!"  Um, no.  But I'm not sure they believe us.  Honestly, I think he gets his way more at school than at home, because, despite his occasional crabbiness, he is a pretty funny kid and finds a way to be absolutely adorable right when you're at the point where you curl up into the fetal position amongst the laundry he's thrown out of the basket (again) and cry.  The other day he wrecked the house, then crawled over to me and gave me a hug.

Which is what assures me that though he may look like me, he got his dad's personality 100%.  That's basically the same technique Ben used to get me to forgive him for fights when we were dating.

In other news, you've all read about this rapture thing.  I posted what I felt was a very funny picture involving Randy "Macho Man" Savage on my facebook page, and was told by more than one person that it was NOT FUNNY.  I don't know, I still think it is.  And I like to think God has a sense of humor, or else he probably would have put an end to this whole mess called Earth already.  Let's face it, as a species, we can really be assholes.  But I make fun of pretty much everything, including (and most often) myself.  Ah, well.  People don't appreciate that photoshop, and I don't understand how people on my friends list "like" Sarah Palin.  To each their own.


  1. I definitely have a "3 strikes" approach to my FB -- I don't want to read about your conversations with god, or your excitement over the "beat-down" Fox News gave Obama, or whatever else I deem to be offensive.

    Maybe that's me being Big Brother-ish toward my on-line social life -- but it keeps me happy and stress free. :D


  2. I thought the Macho Man thing was funny :)

    Yeah, so Corin takes toys too. He smacks at his best friend in daycare. Oh AND he bites. Sometimes he's trying to pat or actually give a kiss. But other times, not so much. They said to just redirect him. They also said not to make too big a deal of yet because if you give the bad behavior too much attention, even negative attention, that's bad.
    So when he bites my face and it hurts like holy hell. I give his mouth a little smack, say no, and then move on as fast as I can. He still does it! We'll see.
    I DO think that they can still turn out to be nice boys!! Because, like Henry, he has ultra sweet moments too.