Friday, May 6, 2011

We're Back. And I Mean it This Time.

Ok.  So school is over for the semester, and I actually have the summer off. From classes, anyway.  I'll hopefully be posting more often.  And things are getting more interesting, so it all works out!  The only thing that doesn't is that now naps have gotten less frequent, and moving is becoming....more alarming.  The days of "oh, I'll just set him here and do some dishes" are OVER.

I don't really get why people freak out about the first few months of motherhood. I mean, yes, it's a big change and a big family adjustment.  But...the kid can't DO anything.  If you leave them in the crib, chances are, when you get back, they'll still be there.  Not that I'm advocating leaving your kid in the crib for an extended period of time, like for a run to the grocery store or Vegas. I'm just saying if you wanted to do a load of laundry, you could.

Not anymore.  Henry is on the cusp of walking, and is getting into everything.  He has little interest in his toys, and strength that makes me concerned that he's doing Pilates or something in his crib.  The other day he broke a plastic coat hanger in half, and has thrown his baby gate and his scooter admirable distances.

He's figuring himself out, and we're struggling to keep up.  Here comes the issue of discipline-he's at the age where he could really cause himself a lot of harm if he gets into the wrong things (which he loves to do) but doesn't understand the warnings.  And yes, I understand babyproofing and we've done what we can, but this kid has no bounds, and I think the safest thing would be to remove everything from the house altogether.

Except that he'd still find a way to pull himself up and bang his head and fall down, and we've got to learn to deal with that ourselves.  Life takes some knocks.  And I always said I wanted any child of Ben and myself to live a little more like their dad-he's always been much more open to new experiences and choices, even when they've knocked him on his ass a time or two.  My husband has plenty of scars, but I doubt he regrets them much.  Getting beat up is the price of living a full life, and I want my son to have a full life.

Don't you just hate when the world gives you exactly what you wish for?

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  1. Corin hasn't been without a bruise or three somewhere on his body for a month. Currently we have two on forehead and one on his knee. Haha.