Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seriously, this house should be quarantined.

So it appears I spoke too soon about Ben and I not picking up Henry's stomach bug....early Monday morning I was shivering on the bathroom floor, and a few hours later Ben was in there, too.  Piece of advice-if you buy a home with only one bathroom, then invest in a good bucket, because there WILL be a time when you need it.

We were both out of commission for the better part of two days, while Henry seems to be doing fine (he actually seemed to find me throwing up into a bucket to be tremendous entertainment.)  I do think that kids these days watch way too much tv, and spend too much time on electronic devices in general (maybe I'm just bitter because I don't know how to work any of these devices, but whatever).  But yesterday you definitely would have caught me in a weak moment.  Henry spent most of the day in his exersaucer watching Monsters vs. Aliens while Ben and I drifted in and out of consciousness on the couch and chair in the living room.  Not my proudest.

I think we all have grand aspirations about parenting before the kid arrives, like that we're going to use just cloth diapers, breastfeed for six months exclusively, actually dress them in matching outfits, and spend every evening reading to them and then putting them to bed, where they actually go to sleep.  But it takes about two days of having a newborn at home for most of that to go to hell.  For my part, cloth diapers lasted about a day until I realized they leaked as soon as he peed in them once, I had to supplement with bottles from the beginning, most days I feel lucky if he gets out of the house in an outfit that doesn't consist of his PJs and socks, and most evenings are spent bargaining with him to try to get him to fall asleep before eleven.  He's slept in his crib MAYBE five times, and when he wakes up in it, he gets really pissed that I tricked him into sleeping there.

Like I said, he seemed to enjoy the whole event.  But we're back to work tomorrow, and he's back to day care, where I can only assume he will pick up cholera or some rare contagious fungus found only in the Amazon.  Good times.

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  1. Love the blog sis. I had it up on my computer for two days before I got time to read it. If you want to make things really interesting let Henry come to the lab with me, I'll hook him up with enough extra arms to rock out any religious deity.