Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So who am I?

I guess I need to get around to introducing myself, and explaining why I started this.  The fact that I created the account a week ago and am just now posting is a testament to my procrastination skills.

I'm Megan, I'm a new mom-my little guy is four months old.  Married to Ben for a little over four years.  Having a small child in the house means you're up at odd hours, and often desperately need a place to organize your thoughts-it's pretty easy to get caught in the baby mindset.  I stayed home for three months and honestly started to worry that my adult conversation skills had deteriorated to the point where I was close to asking grown-ass people if they had pooped, or trying to tickle their bellies.  I was weird enough before I had the kid, I don't need to get any weirder.

The title of the blog is not meant to imply that I'm a sort of ok mom.  I actually think I'm a pretty good mom, outside of a few....we'll call them moments of questionable parenting.  Like the time I put my kid in his stroller, pushed the stroller onto the porch, turned to lock the door, and then turned back to see the stroller moving on its own-towards the steps.  Thankfully I caught it, and when I told Ben, he said "Oh, yeah, it has an intentional slant so rain doesn't collect on it."

Good to know.  Would have been better to know before it almost gave me a goddamn heart attack.

The "average" in this case is meant to mean....well, average.  If we're on a scale, and on one end are the moms who sit and text or talk to friends in public places while their children are busy screaming and destroying things, and on the other end are the types of moms who breastfeed til their kids are five, use all organic everything, have every educational toy known to man, and actually succeeded at mastering baby yoga, then I'm right in the middle.  We're figuring out the kid thing as we go, but our main goal is to raise a productive member of society who isn't a total asshole as an adult.

What I'm not trying to do is change anyone's view on parenting, or trash anyone's parenting methods, skills, or choices.  How you raise your kids is up to you, and quite frankly, as long as people love their kids and manage their basic needs, I don't really care what "parenting style" they use.

I just know I've been overwhelmed with information about pregnancy and babies since the minute that plus sign showed up.  So this is meant to be a source of entertainment, not a how-to blog.  Like I said, I'm figuring out this parenting thing as I go.

And be forewarned-if you are offended by bad language or jokes involving bodily functions, this is not the place for you.  I have to clean up what I say out loud, because I don't want my son's first word to be "jackass", so I'm going to get all my cursing out here.

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